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OMP | Disposable Karting Balaclava (Set 25)

OMP | Disposable Karting Balaclava (Set 25)

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Set 25 Balaclava

Prioritize safety and hygiene with our Set 25 Balaclava. Made from hypoallergenic TNT material, each balaclava is individually packed, ensuring hygiene and quality. Offered in translucent white and a universal size. DRIVEN's dedication to safety is clear.

🦺 Balaclava Essential: Specifically tailored SET 25 BALACLAVA for added safety.

🚫 Disposable Design: Ensures a clean, hygienic experience every time.

🌬️ TNT Anallergic Material: Provides comfort while preventing allergic reactions.

πŸ“¦ Bulk Package: Comes in packs of 25 for added convenience.

🌟 Individually Wrapped: Each balaclava is separately packed to ensure hygiene.

🎨 Neutral Aesthetics: Features a translucent white color for a universal look.

πŸ“ Universal Size: One size designed to fit a diverse range of users comfortably.

πŸ”„ Easy to Use: Designed for quick wear and removal.

πŸƒ Lightweight Material: Doesn’t feel heavy or restrictive, ideal for racing conditions.

🧼 Always Fresh: The disposable nature ensures a fresh balaclava every time.

πŸ’‘ Translucent Design: Provides visibility while keeping the user covered.

✨ Clean & Hygienic: Ideal for situations where hygiene is paramount.

🎁 Event-Ready: Perfect for racing events, ensuring every participant is covered.

The SET 25 BALACLAVA offers an optimal blend of hygiene and comfort, ensuring every racer gets a fresh start on the track. Stay covered and protected in style!

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