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OilSafe | Stretch Spout Kit | Fluid Transfer Container Kit (Includes: Drum, Lid, Extension)

OilSafe | Stretch Spout Kit | Fluid Transfer Container Kit (Includes: Drum, Lid, Extension)

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Looking to streamline your oil transfer process and say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with old, difficult-to-clean oil funnels that hurt your engine? Look no further than our top-of-the-line oil transfer containers!

Oil Funnel dirty

With our fully sealed unit, you can rest easy knowing that no contamination will enter the oil, making it a safe and reliable option for all your oil transfer needs. And with our container's unique design, dispensing is a breeze, with no additional tools required - say goodbye to the messy and contaminated oil funnels of the past.

Our containers are also color-coded to prevent mix-ups and cross-contamination when working with different types of oils. Make the switch to our high-quality oil transfer containers and experience a cleaner, more efficient oil transfer process.

Upgrade your oil change game today and never look back - try OilSafe now!



Stretch Spout Lid. With a .5" spout opening and longer spout; The Oil Safe Stretch Spout lid is designed for use where precise pouring of lubricants is required including hard-to-reach areas that are smaller than normal such as LMP2/LMP3 cars, Karts, Bikes, ATV, UTV, RTV's, Brake & Power Steering Fluid Reservoirs, constant level oilers and machine tools. This lid is ideal for lower-viscosity oils (Less than ISO 220 or SAE 90)

Oilsafe stretch spout lid

MPN'S¬†#: 100300 ‚Äď Beige 100301 ‚Äď Black 100302 ‚Äď Blue 100303 ‚Äď Dark Green 100304 ‚Äď Gray 100305 ‚Äď Mid Green 100306 ‚Äď Orange 100307 ‚Äď Purple 100308 ‚Äď Red 100309 ‚Äď Yellow

Spout Extension¬†(102020 ‚Äď Hose Extension):¬†The flexible Oil Safe Stretch Spout extension hose attachment was designed for hard-to-reach areas.¬†

Oisafe Stretch Spout Extension



3 Quarts/Liters Drum (MPN: 101003): Very practical size for servicing small to mid-range equipment filler applications like small engines, small gearboxes, brake fluid reservoirs, differentials found on cars, quads, karts, lawnmowers, Trimmers, etc. 

5 Quarts/Liters Drum (MPN: 101005): Excellent all-round size for standard applications from transmissions, differentials, transaxle's , gearboxes found on Cars, Quads, Bikes, ATV, UTV, RTV's and Boats

10 Quarts/Liters Drum (MPN: 101010):  Ideal size for engine oil changes for car, trucks, or any vehicle with oil capacity smaller than 10 liters/Quarts. Also, ideal for top-of fills on industrial applications such as hydraulic systems and gearboxes while still maintaining mobility and ease of use without all the heavy lifting and potential back injuries from lifting larger impractical drums or pails.


  • Ideal for all types of fluids used on Automotive, Motorsports and Industrial applications, except fuels.
  • Choose between¬†our¬†10 different colors, to avoid Cross-contamination, you must have a dedicated color for each oil in your garage or workshop. That ensures never mixing and contaminating your engine oil with¬†other type of fluids such as gear oils, coolants, brake fluid or transmission oils.


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