DRIVEN | OMP - Sizing Table - Racing & Karting Gloves

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When it comes to racing, every detail matters – and that includes the fit of your gloves. Whether you're tearing up the karting track or pushing the limits in auto racing, a perfect fit ensures unparalleled comfort, control, and performance. Trust DRIVEN | OMP for gloves that deliver both style and precision on the track.

How to Measure for the Perfect Fit

To determine your glove size, you'll need a flexible measuring tape. Follow these steps for the most accurate measurement:

1.- Measure the Circumference of Your Hand:

  • Wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your hand, excluding the thumb.
  • Record the measurement in centimeters.

2.-Β Compare Your Measurements to Our Size Chart:

  • Use the measurements to find your perfect glove size in the chart below.
    DRIVEN | OMP - Sizing Table - Racing & Karting Gloves

    Key Features of DRIVEN | OMP Gloves

    • Precision Fit: Ensures maximum comfort and control.
    • Durable Materials: Crafted for endurance and performance.
    • Stylish Design: Look great while achieving peak performance.

    Why Fit Matters

    A well-fitted glove improves your grip, reduces hand fatigue, and enhances overall control during high-speed maneuvers. Don't compromise on comfort and safety – ensure your gloves fit perfectly for every race.

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    Ready to find your perfect fit? Use our sizing chart to get started and equip yourself with DRIVEN | OMP gloves for the ultimate racing experience.

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