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B2 | Apex | Racing Helmet | Entry Level | Snell Sa2020

B2 | Apex | Racing Helmet | Entry Level | Snell Sa2020

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Get in the Game with the B2 Apex Racing Helmet! 🏁

Kick your performance up a notch with the B2 Apex, the sweet spot of speed and affordability in racing helmets. This seriously sleek headgear combines aerodynamic smarts with comfort, making it a go-to for dirt and pavement racers alike. Take charge on the track with a helmet that's all about style and substance. 🚀

1. Serious Aerodynamics for Speedsters 

🌬️Feel the thrill as the integrated front-chin bar gurney slices through the air, giving you rock-solid stability. The Apex rocks direct flow forehead vents, upper chin bar vents, and rear-facing lower chin bar vents, keeping you cool as a cucumber. Cruise through every race with confidence, knowing your helmet is designed for max aerodynamic efficiency. 💨

2. Performance Tailored: Lightweight and Protective 

🛡️Built with a lightweight composite shell, the B2 Apex doesn't just look fast—it is fast. The advanced multi-density, multi-piece liner soaks up the hits and amps up impact performance. Get a killer fit, a positive visor seal, and top-notch ventilation that keeps you cool under pressure. This helmet isn't just a choice; it's a nod to excellence. 🏎️

3. Tailored for Winners: Sizes and Certifications 

🏆Score big with a helmet that fits like a dream. The B2 Apex comes in a range of sizes (S, M, L, XL) to suit every racer.

🌟Snell SA2020 certified, this helmet isn't just about looks—it meets the highest safety standards. It's time to turn heads on the track with the B2 Apex. 

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