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BELL | SRV-8 | Helmet Shield

BELL | SRV-8 | Helmet Shield

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SRV-8 Shield – Precision Vision for M8 Carbon and M8 Helmets

Introducing the SRV-8 Shield, meticulously crafted for racers demanding the highest level of clarity and protection. This injection-molded face shield is made from optically correct polycarbonate, ensuring a pristine, distortion-free view in all racing conditions. The SRV-8 Shield is engineered to use the SRV-1 pivot kit, guaranteeing a secure and reliable fit.

Compatible with tearoffs, this shield offers flexibility and ease of maintenance, ensuring you always have a clear line of sight. Available in a variety of colors, the SRV-8 Shield allows for customization while maintaining its top-tier performance. For those seeking superior fog control, Double Screen Anti Fog (DSAF) inserts can be purchased separately, enhancing your racing experience even in the most challenging environments.

Exclusively designed for the M8 Carbon and M8 helmets, the SRV-8 Shield provides optimal compatibility and performance for these models. Equip your helmet with the SRV-8 Shield and experience unmatched clarity and protection on the track.

Key Features:

  • Injection-molded optically correct polycarbonate
  • Compatible with SRV-1 pivot kit
  • Suitable for tearoffs
  • Available in multiple colors
  • DSAF inserts available separately for enhanced fog control
  • Compatible exclusively with M8 Carbon and M8 helmets


  • Standard size (fits M8 Carbon, M8)


  • Meets stringent safety and performance standards for professional racing use


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