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OMP | First-S | Racing Suit | FIA 8856-2018

OMP | First-S | Racing Suit | FIA 8856-2018

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The OMP First S Race Suit stands as a top-tier choice within the Tier 2 Nomex category, providing unmatched value tailored for clubman racers. This newly refined version aligns with the latest FIA standards, underscoring its enhanced protection against heat and flame exposures. Through cutting-edge construction methodologies, OMP has successfully reduced the suit's weight by an impressive 9% from its predecessor.

While elevating its heat and flame resistance capabilities, the suit places paramount emphasis on wearer comfort. A carefully integrated stretch panel on the lower back amplifies comfort and facilitates enhanced mobility during prolonged seated sessions. Furthermore, the suit incorporates ultra-flat seams, meticulously designed to mitigate pressure points, ensuring a comfortable and seamless fit throughout wear.

For clubman racers aiming for a harmonious blend of affordability and performance, the OMP First S Race Suit stands out by incorporating premium features typically reserved for higher-end alternatives. Key highlights include fully floating sleeves that bolster rider articulation and movement. Additionally, the suit's shoulder flats are innovatively flattened to address driver extraction needs, ensuring compatibility with FHR devices while diminishing potential discomfort.

Boasting a resilient 2-ply construction with a material weight of 400 g/m² and holding the revered FIA 8856-2018 certification, the OMP First S Race Suit exemplifies a perfect synthesis of safety, performance, and value, establishing itself as the go-to choice for discerning clubman competitors.

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