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JET-LUBE| 12|34 | Lubricant & Penetrant (Industrial & Military Grade)

JET-LUBE| 12|34 | Lubricant & Penetrant (Industrial & Military Grade)

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Introducing the best penetrant in the market, JET-LUBE - 12|34®, the ultimate industrial and automotive lubricant designed for the toughest conditions. This powerful product serves as a penetrating agent, moisture displacer, and corrosion preventative, making it an essential addition to automotive, motorsports, and industrial applications.

Featuring ashless extreme pressure additives and top-quality lubricating oils, JET-LUBE - 12|34® delivers superior antiwear properties and protection against extreme pressure. Its outstanding "creepability" enables it to easily penetrate rusted and frozen metal parts, such as studs, nuts, screws, pins, and linkages.

Say goodbye to moisture with JET-LUBE - 12|34®. Its innovative formula lifts and displaces moisture from surfaces, leaving a non-greasy film that effectively prevents additional moisture from clinging or entering. The result is a clean and dry surface that is free from moisture in pores and crevices.

JET-LUBE - 12|34® also provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion. Its thin film adheres to metallic surfaces, forming a temporary barrier against the formation of rust and corrosion.

Not only does JET-LUBE - 12|34® lubricate, penetrate, and prevent rust and corrosion, it also cleans surfaces with ease. Its low viscosity dissolves grease and oil, making it easier to remove dirt, dust, and grit. This leads to quicker rust-busting and improved penetration.

Perfect for automotive, karts, agricultural equipment, snowmobiles, motorcycles, powersports, and general use, JET-LUBE - 12|34® is a must-have product for anyone looking for a high-performance lubricant that delivers results in the toughest conditions.

Try it and never go back to commercial penetrating oils!

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