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OilSafe | Fluid Pump Kit | Fluid Transfer Container Kit (Includes: Drum, Lid, Extension)

OilSafe | Fluid Pump Kit | Fluid Transfer Container Kit (Includes: Drum, Lid, Extension)

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Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with difficult-to-use, squeaky, old, and hard-to-clean oil pumps that can harm your valuable equipment. Upgrade to our top-of-the-line oil transfer containers and experience a new level of convenience and reliability!

Our product is the number one transfer container system in the world, providing the ultimate solution for Automatic Transmission and Differential oil changes and top-offs. With our fully sealed unit, you can trust that your oil remains free of any contamination, making it a safe and reliable option for all your oil transfer needs.

Our unique design allows for easy dispensing without the need for any secondary tools like funnels or cheap bottle pumps that can be messy and ineffective. And to make things even easier, our containers are color-coded for easy identification of different types of oils, preventing any mix-ups or cross-contamination when working with different fluids.

Upgrade your oil transfer game today and experience the difference with our top-quality transfer container system.



Standard Pump (MPN: 102000): The Standard Pump will handle up to sae 140 (ISO 460) fluids. This high quality down-stroke discharge pump is perfect for quickly and easily accessing hard-to-reach and time consuming top up points such as differentials,  gearbox and transmission applications. Match with a OilSafe Utility Lid and a 3, 5 or 10 liter/US quart Drum.

Utility Lid. Multi-purpose Oil Safe lid with large outlet hole (2") ensures controlled fast pouring of lubricants. The Utility Lid is designed to mate with an Oil Safe Standard or Premium Pump on a 3, 5 or 10 liter/US quart drums.

MPN's:¬†100200 ‚Äď Beige, 100201 ‚Äď Black, 100202 ‚Äď Blue, 100203 ‚Äď Dark Green, 100204 ‚Äď Gray, 100205 ‚Äď Mid Green, 100206 ‚Äď Orange, 100207 ‚Äď Purple, 100208 ‚Äď Red, 100209 ‚Äď Yellow


3 Quarts/Liters Drum (MPN: 101003): Very practical size for servicing small to mid-range equipment filler applications like small engines, small gearboxes, brake fluid reservoirs, differentials found on cars, quads, karts, lawnmowers, Trimmers, etc. 

5 Quarts/Liters Drum (MPN: 101005): Excellent all-round size for standard applications from transmissions, differentials, transaxle's , gearboxes found on Cars, Quads, Bikes, ATV, UTV, RTV's and Boats

10 Quarts/Liters Drum (MPN: 101010):  Ideal size for engine oil changes for car, trucks, or any vehicle with oil capacity smaller than 10 liters/Quarts. Also, ideal for top-of fills on industrial applications such as hydraulic systems and gearboxes while still maintaining mobility and ease of use without all the heavy lifting and potential back injuries from lifting larger impractical drums or pails.

Oilsafe Drums


  • Ideal for all types of fluids used on Automotive, Motorsports and Industrial applications, except fuels.
  • Choose between¬†our¬†10 different colors, to avoid Cross-contamination, you must have a dedicated color for each oil in your garage or workshop. That ensures never mixing and contaminating your engine oil with¬†other type of fluids such as gear oils, coolants, brake fluid or transmission oils.


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