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OMP | Ks-3 | Karting Shoe | Entry-Level

OMP | Ks-3 | Karting Shoe | Entry-Level

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Ultimate Racing Footwear

Step into the race with KS-3 MY2021 Karting Boots. Crafted in suede leather with mesh for breathability, the design prioritizes your comfort and performance. Its modern design and diverse color range, from classic black to vibrant blue/cyan, ensure you race in style. Available in sizes 32 to 47.

🏎️ Karting Special: Specifically designed for karting enthusiasts and professionals.
🌬️ High Breathability: Equipped with mesh inserts to keep your feet fresh.
🌟 Quality Material: Made with suede leather for a luxurious feel.
🚫 No-Slip Grip: Outsole designed specifically for kart drivers to ensure stability.
🚢 Comfort First: Rear insert in elastic padded material for superior comfort.
🎨 Color Variety: Available in multiple shades including Black, Red, Black/White, Black/Fluo Yellow, Black/Red, and Blue/Cyan.
🌈 Fresh Design: Modern aesthetics to match your racing style.
πŸ“ Size Range: Catering to various foot sizes, available in sizes 32 to 47.
πŸ‘Ÿ Secure Fit: Ensures foot safety while driving at high speeds.
πŸ”„ Easy to Wear: Designed for the quick wear and removal needed in racing scenarios.
🧼 Easy to Clean: Suede leather is easy to maintain and clean.
πŸ’‘ Visible in Low Light: Some color variants like Fluo Yellow aid in visibility.
πŸ”„ Versatile Style: Suitable for both professional kart racers and hobbyists.
πŸ’ͺ Durability: Built to withstand the rigorous demands of karting.
🎁 Gift Ready: The perfect gift for karting lovers of all ages.

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