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OMP | KS Shorts | Karting Underwear Briefs

OMP | KS Shorts | Karting Underwear Briefs

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KS Karting Underwear Shorts - Lightweight, Insulating & Breathable

Experience the ultimate in comfort and performance with KS Karting Underwear Shorts. Engineered with lightweight, insulating, and breathable fabrics, these underwear brief boxers are designed to keep you dry and comfortable under the most stressful racing conditions. The innovative 3D structure ensures rapid sweat expulsion, maintaining optimal body temperature.

Crafted from high-performance Dryarn® fiber, these shorts are highly appreciated in the world of sports for their exceptional comfort and adaptability. Whether you're pushing your limits on the karting track or enjoying a day of intense training, KS Karting Underwear Shorts provide unmatched performance and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and Insulating: Keeps you comfortable without adding bulk under your karting suit.
  • Breathable Fabric: Enhances airflow to keep you cool and dry.
  • 3D Structure: Promotes quick sweat expulsion, ensuring dryness.
  • High-Performance Dryarn® Fiber: Offers superior comfort and flexibility.
  • Optimal for Stressful Conditions: Maintains body temperature even in high-stress environments.


  • Adult Sizes:       XSS, ML, XLXXL
  • Children Sizes:  8-10 years, 10-12 years


  • White

Upgrade your karting gear with KS Karting Underwear Shorts and feel the difference in every race. These shorts are perfect for karting enthusiasts and professionals who demand the best in performance wear.

Important Note: This underwear short is specifically designed for karting or environments where karting racing gear is required. It is not fireproof and should not be used in auto racing or other motorsports requiring flame-resistant gear.

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