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OMP | Wheeled Duffle - S (Carry-On) | Luggage

OMP | Wheeled Duffle - S (Carry-On) | Luggage

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Track-Ready Racing Gear Trolley: Speed, Style, & Security

Keep your racing gear protected and within reach with the High-Performance Racing Gear Bag. Designed for convenience and durability, it ensures your racing gear, such as suits, underwear, gloves, balaclavas, and racing shoes, remains in prime condition, making it a smart choice for racers on the move.


  • Durable Protection: Safeguards your suit from wear and tear during travel and storage.
  • Sleek Design: Features a modern look that resonates with the racing lifestyle.
  • Lightweight and Durable Fabric: Combines ease of transport with long-lasting use.
  • Double Closure: Equipped with a padlock-ready zipper for enhanced security.
  • Resistant Cargo Wheels: Ensure smooth movement across various terrains.
  • Double Handle on Front and Practical Upper Handle: For easy maneuverability.
  • Multiple Internal Storage Compartments and Pockets: Keeps your gear organized and accessible.
  • Rigid Bottom with Standing Support: Adds stability and protects contents.
  • Coverable Air Net Insert: Allows for ventilation while keeping contents secure.
  • Expansion System: Offers the flexibility to increase capacity as needed.
  • Racing Suit-Inspired Design Insert: Adds a unique, thematic touch to the bag.
  • Ventilation: A built-in system to keep your suit fresh.
  • Travel Friendly: Sized to qualify as carry-on luggage on most global airlines, making it perfect for racers who travel. (Check your airline's carry-on guidelines before travel.)


  • Length:  22 inches  (56 cm)
  • Width:   14 inches  (36 cm)
  • Height:  9.8 inches (25 cm)
  • Capacity: 22 LT / 32 LT expanded

Why It’s Essential: This bag is a practical, stylish solution for transporting your racing gear, designed to meet the needs of racers attending local events or international competitions. Its carry-on compliance adds convenience, eliminating the need to check baggage and simplifying your travel experience.

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