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FA Kart | Seat Jecko Silver Standard

FA Kart | Seat Jecko Silver Standard

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Jecko Silver Standard: Elevate Your Karting Performance

Engineered for Precision and Stability

The Jecko Silver Standard seat, developed from insights from global champions, offers an ergonomic design for superior control and stability. Its innovative features provide a competitive edge:

  • Optimized Weight Ratio: Tailored for agility and speed, enhancing maneuverability.
  • Enhanced Hardness: Perfect balance of rigidity for optimal feedback and comfort.
  • Fiber Glass Construction: Durable and lightweight for peak performance.
  • High-Quality Epoxy Resin: Ensures longevity and resilience against the rigors of racing.
  • Exclusive Alutex Patterns: Stunning Back Black Red and Front Silver designs for a distinctive look.

Perfect for racers aiming for the podium, the Jecko Silver Standard seat integrates seamlessly with Fernando Alonso's Kartchassis, promising a transformative racing experience.

Elevate your karting to championship levels with the Jecko Silver Standard.

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