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BELL | 10 Hole Top Air | Helmet Ventilation

BELL | 10 Hole Top Air | Helmet Ventilation

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BELL | 10 Hole Top Air | Helmet Ventilation

The 10 Hole Top Air is the perfect addition to your racing helmet. Designed to fit the HP7, HP5, RS7C LTWT, RS7 Carbon, RS7, GT5 Carbon, and GT5 models, this ventilation system allows for top forced air to keep you cool and comfortable during intense races.

The innovative design of the 10 Hole Top Air directs airflow around the top of the helmet, providing maximum ventilation and reducing fogging on the shield. With aggressive double-sided adhesive, this kit is easy to attach and comes in a variety of colors including Clear, White, Matte Black, and Carbon.

Choose from nozzle configurations such as V05, V05 45/90 Degree, or Quick Lock V10 to customize your ventilation system. And for those using the Maglock system, the 10 Hole Top Air is fully compatible with the standard V05 nozzle.

Elevate your racing experience with Bell's 10 Hole Top Air and stay cool, comfortable, and focused on the track.

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