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BELL | ADV-TX | Racing Suit | PRO-Level

BELL | ADV-TX | Racing Suit | PRO-Level

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Bell ADV-TX Racing Suit: The Zenith of Racing Performance and Innovation

Bell's ADV-TX Racing Suit stands at the forefront of racing technology and design, representing the ultimate in performance wear for the dedicated racer. This suit combines cutting-edge materials and engineering to offer unparalleled temperature management, mobility, and safety on the track.


  • Satin Outer Layer: Offers a sleek look while providing durability and comfort.
  • Ultra-Lightweight Inner Liner: Enhances breathability and comfort, keeping you cool under the most intense racing conditions.
  • Dry/Stretch Fabric System: A state-of-the-art temperature management system that keeps you dry and comfortable while allowing full range of motion.
  • Full Floating Arms: Designed to maximize freedom of movement, crucial for maintaining control and precision during races.
  • Elastic Stretch Panels: Located on the sides, groin, and rear for additional flexibility and a perfect fit.
  • Reinforced Extraction Handles: For added safety, enabling quick extraction in emergency situations.
  • Internal Pockets: Conveniently store essentials without sacrificing comfort or mobility.
  • Hidden Boot Cut: Provides a streamlined appearance while accommodating racing boots.


  • Small (46-48)
  • Medium (50-52)
  • Large (54-56)
  • X-Large (58-60)
  • 2X-Large (62-64)


  • Homologation: SFI 3.2A/5, ensuring the suit meets rigorous safety standards for professional racing.


The Bell ADV-TX Suit is engineered for racers who accept nothing less than the best. By integrating advanced fabrics with innovative design, Bell has created a suit that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of professional drivers. Whether you're tackling the turns of a local circuit or competing on the international stage, the ADV-TX suit offers the performance, comfort, and safety you need to focus on the win.

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