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BELL | Backpack | Luggage

BELL | Backpack | Luggage

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Bell Backpack: The Ultimate Racer's Companion

Bell Backpack, crafted for racers from all tracks of life who demand durability and portability in their gear. This backpack blends functionality with style, providing a reliable solution for carrying racing essentials and more.


  • Compact Yet Spacious: Offers a 20-liter capacity, perfect for your everyday racing and business essentials.
  • Robust Material: Made with lightweight and durable fabric, designed to withstand the demands of a racer's lifestyle.
  • Secure Fastening: Features a double closure system with a padlock-ready zipper, ensuring your belongings stay secure.
  • Laptop Protection: Includes separated padded notebook and tablet compartments to keep your tech safe when you're moving around the most renowned racing tracks.
  • Ease of Carrying: An upper handle for quick grab-and-go, and comfortable, shaped shoulder straps designed for prolonged wear.
  • Organized Storage: Boasts multiple internal storage pockets, an upper quick-access pocket for documents, and a side water bottle pocket for efficient organization.
  • Distinctive Design: A racing suit-inspired design insert adds a unique flair, reflecting your passion for racing.

Dimensions & Capacity:

  • Length:   19.6 inches (50 cm)
  • Width:    12.6 inches (32 cm)
  • Height:     9.4 inches (24 cm)
  • Capacity:  20 litres

Why It Stands Out:

The Bell Backpack is more than just a bag; it's a versatile companion for racers and enthusiasts alike. With its secure storage options, ergonomic design, and racing-inspired aesthetics, it seamlessly integrates into both your racing and daily life. Whether you're heading to the track or tackling the day's tasks, the Bell Backpack ensures you do so with efficiency and style.

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