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BELL | Full Helmet Air Intake Kit | Fit: HP7/HP77/RS7/HP5/GT5/KC7

BELL | Full Helmet Air Intake Kit | Fit: HP7/HP77/RS7/HP5/GT5/KC7

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Full Air Intake Kit – Enhance Helmet Ventilation

Experience the ultimate in helmet ventilation with our BELL full Air Intake Kit, meticulously designed for seamless compatibility with the HP7, HP77, RS7, HP5, GT5, KC7  models. This comprehensive kit includes an upper and lower forehead air intake as well as right and left side vent intakes, ensuring optimal airflow throughout your helmet.

Crafted to enhance and maximize air exchange within the helmet, this air intake kit actively forces airflow into the helmet’s ventilation channels, providing superior cooling and comfort during high-intensity racing. Made available in a high-quality Carbon variant, it promises durability and performance, catering to the needs of both karting and auto racing professionals.

The HP7 Air Intake Kit attaches securely to your helmet using aggressive double-sided adhesive, ensuring a robust fit that withstands the rigors of racing. Upgrade your helmet’s ventilation system with this top-tier kit and enjoy a cooler, more focused racing experience.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes upper and lower forehead air intake, and right and left side vent intakes.
  • Enhanced Ventilation: Maximizes air exchange within the helmet for superior cooling.
  • Durable Design: Available in a robust Carbon variant.
  • Secure Attachment: Uses aggressive double-sided adhesive for a strong and reliable fit.

Sizes: One size fits all compatible helmet models: HP7, HP77, HP5, GT5, RS7 Carbon, RS7 Carbon Duckbill, RS7K Carbon, RS7, RS7K, KC7-CMR Carbon, and KC7-CMR helmets.

Homologations: Doesn't affect the Helmet homologation

Upgrade your racing helmet with the Full Air Intake Kit and race with confidence, knowing you have the best in helmet ventilation.

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