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BELL | RS7-K | Karting Helmet | PRO-Level | Snell K2020

BELL | RS7-K | Karting Helmet | PRO-Level | Snell K2020

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RS7K Carbon Professional Kart Racing Helmet

Introducing the RS7K Carbon, a pinnacle of engineering, conceived in partnership with Penske Racing specifically for the professional kart racer. The RS7K Carbon, emerging as the karting-centric offspring of the acclaimed RS7C LTWT series, redefines benchmarks for lightweight performance gear in motorsport. At under 2.75 pounds, race-ready, it proudly claims the title of the lightest adult karting helmet available today.

Crafted from aerospace-grade ultra-lightweight carbon, this helmet goes beyond mere weight reduction. It embodies the latest in racing technology to enhance your performance on the track. The helmet's advanced shell and recessed shield design not only boost aerodynamics but also improve acoustic comfort, making for a quieter, more focused race experience.


  • Aerospace-Grade Carbon Shell: Experience unmatched lightness and durability, allowing for heightened sensitivity and control.
  • Advanced Impact Absorption: A multi-density, multi-piece liner designed to maximize energy absorption and impact resistance.
  • Versatile Fit System: Tailored to accommodate use with or without ear cups, enhancing comfort and adaptability.
  • Optical Grade DSAF Visor: Equipped with a Double Screen Anti-Fog (DSAF) visor for clear, fog-free visibility under various conditions.
  • Exceptional Ventilation: Features a powerful ventilation system with 14 intake and extraction channels, ensuring optimal airflow.
  • Aerodynamic Optimization: The shell and shield are engineered to reduce drag, minimize internal noise, and improve energy management during impacts.
  • Water and Dirt Resistance: A synthetic rubber gasket seal prevents entry of water and dirt, maintaining clear vision and comfort.
  • Snell K2020 Homologation: Certified to Snell K2020 standards, assuring top-notch safety and performance.

In the Box:

  • RS7K Carbon Helmet
  • Clear SE07 3mm DSAF Shield
  • Drawstring Helmet Bag
  • Plastic Tearoff Posts
  • Hex Wrench Key


  • Available in sizes from 7 1/8- (57-) to 7 5/8+ (61+), ensuring a perfect fit for every karter.


  • Snell K2020 Approved: Your assurance of safety and regulatory compliance in professional Karting events.

Crafted for those who refuse to compromise on performance or safety, the RS7K Carbon is your ticket to dominating the track, providing an unmatched blend of lightweight design, advanced safety features, and aerodynamic efficiency.

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