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OMP | Elbow Pads

OMP | Elbow Pads

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Protect your elbows when racing with OMP Nomex Elbow Pads, the ideal solution to shield against bruises and discomfort while you zoom around the track. Boasting an inner cushion and made from durable Nomex knit, these black elbow pads are a one-size-fits-all gem for any racing driver.

Comfort Meets Safety

Dive into the action without worry. The OMP pads are your armor against constant impacts, blending top-notch protection with the comfort needed. Light, breathable, and designed to fit seamlessly under or over your suit.

Rugged and Stylish

Built tough for the track with a stylish edge, these elbow pads are as resilient as they are sleek. Impact-absorbing padding, durable and breathable Nomex fabric, and a universal fit make these pads a must-have for any racing enthusiast. The sleek black design adds a touch of style to your racing gear.

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